Spring Break

      Spring break is right around the corner and I couldn't be more excited. We don't get a spring break because volleyball is in season but we get to go to  Kansas as a team. Those times are some of the best because we all get to chill in a hotel and have fun in between our matches. Also a break from school is absolutely needed.     No classes for a week will give me time to recover and lock in for the rest of the school year. We are coming on the final stretch and I don't know how to feel about it. Im glad that I won't have to go to anymore classes but I am going to miss living with all my friends in our suite. I never knew living with my friends with no one there to bother us would be so much fun.      For example my friends birthday was this weekend and we had him do his punishment for fantasy football. He had to go to buffalo wild wings and eat the spices wings with only one glass of water. He doesn't do well with spicy things so watching him eating them was s

Season Has Kicked Off

      Volleyball season has  officially gone into full swing and it has been a hot start for us. We came firing  out of the gates with a hot 8-1 start. Two of the teams we have beaten were hard fought games against ranked teams. Missouri Baptist was one of those teams and we snapped their 20+ game win streak on their home court.     During one of our games I  unfortunately got injured and messed up my hand. I have never been unable to play the sport I love before and now I am learning how difficult it is to just sit and watch your team play while you know you can't. However this has also been a good experience because I get a new perspective on the game by cheering my team on and keeping an eye on things more closely.     With the season going into full swing managing classes and athletics has been more difficult than I had expected. Classes this year are a lot harder than they were last year and I feel as if the time to do things is getting smaller by the day. This is difficult bu

Second Semester

  The Start of Second Semester      The second semester has come around and I am excited to start a semester for once. Volleyball is finally in season, and I could not be more excited. Our first game is on Friday 27 th  so we must get this win to start our season off right. The only bad part is during our first few games we had to travel a lot. This can be fun occasionally but not doing it all the time. Imagine you have a 6 hour bus ride after a tuff loss, or you could be excited for the whole ride back because of a big win. The two opposites are very different but enough about that, now we can get into the more boring part.      Sense the second semester has started classes are starting up again. Looking at all my new classes this semester did not look bad. The only problem was that when I looked at my class lists, I was shocked. I had two different classes this semester with only one other student in my class. I have never seen anything like this before, so I was very confused. I tho

Last week Before Finals

 The Home Stretch     With only one more week to go until finals and I'm starting to get nervous. Most of my classes I have a good grade so im not that worried about them, but there are 2 classes that I'm nervous about the final for. It also doesn't help that im trying to study but influenza is going around the school. I have been sick 2 times in the past week.  This is also effecting my extracurriculars because I am not able to participate. making it  to class has been extremely difficult because of this but I am managing. There are some things to look forward too though.      I am excited to get all of my finals done though because I want to go home and see my family. Also getting this break is going to be amazing because school is draining me. All finals does is make students stress out about their grades and I am ready for that to be over. The only part im not looking forward too is not being able to play volleyball over break. I feel like sitting at home doing nothing

less Than One Month Remaining

  Counting Down the Days       There is only one more week left until we get to go enjoy our thanksgiving break. I am super excited for this because not only do I get another break from the stress of school, but I get to see my family again. Am I looking forward to that long lonely boring ride home, absolutely not . Once you get through that it is all fun and games for the next five days though. Even with all these upsides to break coming up, there are some downsides.        First, this means that practice has gone into full swing. This means going 5 days a week for the first time all year. Let me tell you, my legs are starting to feel like jello with all the jumping I must do. On top of that when we get back from Thanksgiving break, we only have 2 weeks left and then finals. You would think this is a good thing because school is about to be done for a while but no. You must get though the most stressful part of college, finals.       That is the time of year when college students

Fresh Start After Break

 Start of the Second Half of the Semester     Midterm grades have been posted and lets just say its not what I was expecting. I managed to pass all of my midterms which I wasn't expecting. The one class that I thought I would have failed, I managed to pass it which really brightened up my fall break. That on top of the fact that I was able to go home and see my family for a few days.     That was defiantly the highlight of my break because after a while you start to miss home and your family a lot. I was able to go out to dinner with my parents, brother, and my grandma. Getting to catch up with them about how they have been doing. After that I had to go freeze out doors because my brother had a soccer game I wanted to watch. I think I understand now why my family was happy when I decided to play an indoor sport.     Now that I am back at campus and classes have started it is time to  reajust my schedule. The main part of that will be the sleep schedule. Forcing myself to wake up fo

End of The First Half of The Semester

 Mid Terms and Plans          With the end of the first half of the semester coming up midterms are starting to come in. The homework that I'm getting has decreased a lot but now I am having to study for these big exams. Along with this I am stating to have more practices which is making me busy. This is where my time  management skills need to kick in.          The good thing is that my roommates also have mid terms and most of us have classes together. So we have decided to start studying with each other so we can high marks on our exams. This makes studying way more enjoyable because at least we are doing something we don't like to do, together.  On a better note the NFL season is in full swing now.           This has given me and my roommates some excitement on a Monday and Thursday nights. With football going on that means the of the best parts of the year has started, fantasy football. This has me and my roommates stressing every week because we are all in a league playi